The GPS60B signal repeater manual



GPS70B through the receiving antenna, the locking sky satellite signal. The satellite signal from outdoor to indoor, or other not to receive satellite signals in indoor places, with ordinary satellite receiver receives satellite signals, in the interior can be completed in outdoor completed each work, for a GPS receiver to provide the test signal.


Product features

GPS60B has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption. Easy operation, strong function.


Product application

The GPS receiver product test

The GPS product line, GPS mobile phone production line, GPS laboratory, scientific research institutions, such as the need for GPS product testing, product performance verification and application environment.

The GPS signal indoor coverage

Need to achieve GPS signal coverage in various occasions: aerospace, aviation repair, laboratory, building parking lot, GPS stores, indoor demonstration hall.

Performance index



1575.42 ±5

Device Gain (dB)


Noise Figure (dB)


Input power (dBm)


Output Power (dBm)


I/O Impedance (Ω)




Interface Type


Power supply

AC 100-220 50-60Hz DC7.5-9V

Operating Temperature (°C)


Dimensions (mm)


Host Weight (kg)



Method of use





Installation method(Figure)

A) Installing GPS60B in indoor ventilation dry place.

B) The receiving antenna is fixed on the outdoor high place (usually the top of a building ), this receive antenna for receiving surface to the sky, there cannot be a barrier around.

C) The high frequency end of the cable is connected to the receiving antenna connector, into indoor, the other end is connected to a GPS60 OUTDOOR interface

D) A high frequency cable connected to the transmit antenna GPS60B INDOOR interface, the other end is connected at the indoor antenna (or splitter input, Other indoor antennas is connected at splitter output).

E) The power supply is switched on, the boot, instrument detection, can be received by very strong satellite signal, Typically, the received satellite number is 5 to 12.

Matters needing attention

The receiving antenna and repeater gain is very high,it is prone to self-oscillation, so outdoor receiving antenna and indoor transmitting antennas must have a wall or other objects that block high-frequency signals are separated, and indoor and outdoor antenna to maintain long-distance.

When TX LED is bright, Repeater produces is self-excited oscillation, which is an outdoor antenna and indoor antenna isolation is not enough, should be timely treatment. Outdoor antenna is an active antenna, connect the outdoor antenna, be sure to do the waterproofing treatment.